5 Things I Know About You


Fun facts are always fun, right? We tasked ourselves with writing 5 Things about each other, & guys, we recommend pouring a glass of vino & doing this with your BFF, significant other, etc. ASAP. It's sort of hard to stop once you get going...

 5 Things About Kelsey
1. Properly enunciates specific words. Particularly The word “exactly”, which she pronounces “exacTly”.
2. Hates peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. But mostly peanut butter.
3. Loves musical theater and has been singing the “Into the Woods” soundtrack nonstop for the past 2 months. (Bonus fact: she also has a beautiful singing voice.)
4. Will excite herself to the point of tears over any fluffy dog, especially if it’s a doodle of any kind. 
5. Is a pseudo leftie. She only writes and eats with her left hand, but she is otherwise right dominant. 

5 Things About Amelia
1. Wishes probably once a day that every type of flower was edible.
2. Plans to have long hair for as long as she lives.
3. Made beaucoups bucks by running an Etsy shop in college, selling Twilight inspired jewelry (lololol).
4. Is half-Filipino, hence the flawless skin.
5. Can show you her last name on the Eiffel tower, thanks to her husband's blood relation to Charles Augustin de Coulomb - A family name that is still going strong! CRAZY, right?

Thanks for reading through this silliness, as a little break from the beautifully designed & curated things. Wedding planners, they're just like you!