Citrus & Floral Luncheon


Always loving a good challenge (cough hotel ballroom cough), we knew we needed to think outside the box when scheming up our design for the luncheon we sponsored at March's Creative at Heart conference. To be fair, the stunning (& huge) Hotel Roanoke's color scheme & overall interior design was really top notch, so we already had a head start. We decided early on to embrace the bold carpet pattern, working the room's colors into our design palette.

Up next? Our vision of creating a family style seating arrangement hit a snag when we discovered that rectangular banquet tables weren't an option. So, like we always say, when life hands you round tables, make it family style anyway! It was a tense few moments as we tested out our idea the night before the luncheon, but some wonderful vendor friends tested the practicality of the seating arrangement & helped put our minds at ease. We are happy to report that the round family style set-up was a success. From the line of round tables, the tall balloons, One Sweet Day in May's gorgeous citrus + floral garland (120 ft. worth of it!!!), Glamour Linens perfectly neutral champagne linens, & some personal touches at the place settings, we were overjoyed to see our vision come to life with the help of our talented vendor friends. #teamwork

It was really important to us to incorporate an interactive element to the luncheon, & our photo-op chalkboard fit the bill. A huge theme from that weekend, coming from amazing speakers like Natalie Franke, Krista A. Jones & many more, is the idea of "community over competition," & we wholeheartedly embrace this movement. It was so great to see the talented vendors & creatives in the room sign their names on the board & take pictures together. Huge thanks to Paisley & Jade for bringing their giant chalkboard down to Roanoke & letting us color aaaaall over it!

& in case you were wondering how you get twenty 36" balloons into a conference ballroom in a city three hours away from the nearest Tart office...

Why, you rent a 15 ft. box truck, of course.

Special thanks to Kat Schmoyer of Dear Sweetheart Events for inviting us to be a part of this incredible conference & community, & also to Hope Taylor Photography & V.A. Photography for snapping these detail shots!

Design & Styling: Tart Event Co.
Florals: One Sweet Day in May
Linens: Glamour Linens
Chalkboard: Paisley & Jade
Tables & Chairs: Hotel Roanoke