How We Met


Our favorite part of meeting with a new couple is when we ask them to tell us their story. They begin to piece together all the little moments that lead to big moments, & there is always a little blushing, a lot of laughing & smiles all around. Seriously, it's the best.

We've been asked frequently about how our partnership came to be, & it's been very interesting to be on the other side of the interview, answering the question, "So, how did you two meet?" Disclaimer: The answer involves a college class, melted ice-cream & Zach Braff.

Freshman year at George Mason University, we each moseyed into Day 1 of our COMM 103 class, & were both immediately overwhelmed by the definitely-not-freshmen students that were sitting near the door. We (unknowingly) spotted each other & decided "She's pretty!" before claiming seats next to one another. It took a couple of weeks, a few group breakouts, at least two serious discussions of submitting our professor to What Not To Wear, & a mandatory visit to the Communication department's ice-cream social before we finally realized our friendship potential. Amelia boldly invited Kelsey to join her at the social, where we walked in together only to find empty ice-cream cartons with the saddest melted remnants next to depleted whipped cream cans. In our disappointment, we decided to walk to the student center to find a substitute snack.

Looking back, this was the first time that we jointly prioritized mid-afternoon sweet treats. 

We walked & talked, wandering into the poster store (because it was 2006 & posters were a big thing for dorm rooms, okay??) & bonding over Zach Braff's Garden State & Death Cab for Cutie posters. From high-school-sweetheart-boyfriends to music to ideologies, we were kindred spirits. To this day, Amelia swears she called her boyfriend after we parted ways & said, "I just met my soulmate."

We are very pleased to confirm that both of our then-boyfriends are our now-husbands.

We can't believe that that was going on NINE (!!!) years ago, nor could we even begin to blog about all the different chapters that happened in between COMM 103 & where we are today. But when we look back at all the little moments of our friendship, we see how they were building to one big moment named Tart Event Co., & we are so grateful for every minute of our story.