Instagram Tips


We are in a constant state of learning as we grow our business & wade deep into the waters of 2015's glorious social media scene… & please know that this is coming from the girls that just joined Snapchat about three weeks ago. What we’re discovering is that even though there will almost certainly be a new app to download next week, there is still plenty to learn about the social media opportunities that we already use personally & for business.

Instagram is easily the favorite child of our little social media family here at Tart. We can get our fill of color, sweets, kittens & weddings in a 90 second scroll-sesh… Seriously, what is there not to love? In turn, however, we like to contribute some images of our own on ye ol’ @tarteventco. We’ve compiled some tips that we’ve gleaned for an even better Instagram experience. 

(Some of these may be "le duhhhh" to you, but they were all an “Ah-HA!” moment for us at one point, so why not share the love?)

1. Edit your image captions

-     Select the image from your profile’s grid view

-     Hit the “…” on the bottom right, under the image

-     Select “Edit”

-     Fix that typo, add the punnier joke, delete that accidental emoji!

-     Select “Done” at the top right of the screen


2. Arrange multiple tags for aesthetic appeal & increase in pretty-ness factor

-     On the “Share to” page before you post the image, select “Tag People”

-     Tap photo, start typing names to tag friends

-     Don’t follow the person you’re looking for? You can still type their name & tap search to get some options from Instagram.

-     Tap, hold & drag the names around the screen to either align with items or create a more structured list of names

-     Optional: We like to nudge the name all the way to the right or left to let it align itself as far to the side as possible. Do this with multiple names & voila! A straight line of tags!

-     Note: You can get to this screen to add or delete tags AFTER you've already posted your image. Super helpful if you forgot someone or tagged the wrong handle!

3. Delete your own comments on other Instagram photos

-     Go back to the comment section on the photo in question

-     Swipe left on your comment to delete

4. The Perspective Tool to flatten your overhead or architecturally heavy photos

-     Select the gear icon on the far right of the “Filters” page, the second screen of the upload process

-     Hit “Adjust,” the first icon on the left

-     Use the vertical (left) tool to bring the top & bottom of the image forward or backwards

-     Use the horizontal (right) tool to pull the left & right side of the image forward or push it backwards

-     Optional: Tap the grid icon on the top left to add more lines to the Instagram grid, allowing you to match up lines in your photo to the grid lines

-     Note: This tool is an extension of the straightening tool. Instagram has really upped their game with its fine-tuning capabilities for straightening images, & we use Instagram over any 3rd party apps for straightening & perspective edits.

5. Hide tagged photos from your profile

-     Go to your profile & select the icon on the far right with the silhouette image

-     Select image you want to hide from your tagged photos

-     Hit the “…” on the bottom right, under the image

-     Select "Photo Options" at the bottom of the list

-     Select "Hide from My Profile" & hit "Done" on the top right corner of the pop-up

-     Your handle's tag will still appear in the photo, but this image itself will not appear on the "Photos of You" screen

Have an Instagram tip that will make us "Ah-HA!"?? Let us know in the comments!