Our Linen Aprons


We can't begin to imagine an event day without our trusty linen aprons. From iPhone holding (important on days that we use Voxer), to a place to stick an extra piece of tape, to a pocket for that final trash sweep before the cocktail hour begins, to unofficial keeper of leatherman tools & zipties... These aprons keep us sane. The minute they go on, we are in business and in the zone. Our amazing friend & artisan, Christian Gregory of Richmond, VA was kind enough to share his talents & craft to screen print our logo onto the subtle tip of the apron's strings. In his creative wisdom, he put it on both sides of the string, mirror imaged, so that the "Tart" is visible, no matter how crazy we tie it. Pretty brilliant, right?

A huge thank you to Kelsey's mom who gifted these to us when we launched, knowing that every #girlboss needs her superhero cape, complete with extra deep pockets. 

Our linen aprons are from Lost in Linen but you can find more here, here, here & here