So... Why Tart?


“So… Why Tart?” 

This question has been posed to us more than a few times. We don’t have a short answer for it, yet, because the answer is a little more personal than, “It’s fun to say!” (Which it is.) So, since we’re huge fans of story-telling & now have this wonderful blog to chatter away on, we figured we’d start from the beginning.

Let’s get the obvious out of the way: Tart isn’t an acronym or an inside joke. It most definitely isn’t a reference to what type of women we are, and it isn’t an obsession with delicious, fruity pastries. Though we do love a good tart.

We had been trying different company names on for weeks, trying to find the word that described what we were bringing to the event planning table. We were looking for the right combination of syllables and connotations; We were searching for a word that we could redefine. Believe it or not, it was these exact berries that finally ushered in our lightbulb moment.

We knew Tart was the word we had been searching for because the reasons it worked were also the qualities we hope to exude in our business. Tart is unique & has a pop of personality to it. Tart is fun, simple & a little different. Tart is balanced, and carries a wide range of definitions with it, untethered to one style or description. Tart (or “Tart!” as we frequently like to chirp when we hear it mentioned in everyday conversation) is a word that is sweet & simple - Two things we believe that planning life’s best & brightest occasions should be.

Tart has taken on a new meaning as we’ve moved from name-picking to launch day, and through the events we design, we hope that it takes on a new meaning for you, too. This new meaning is our home base, and it carries more weight than just being a fun word. It’s us, and that’s the dream.


The Girls from Tart