The Floral Collective Conference


Back in August, we had the privilege of styling the very first of Amanda Veronee's Floral Collective Conference. Amanda brought together a dream team of floral designers who spent the day teaching the conference attendees (just some of) their specific areas of expertise, equipping new &/or up & coming floral designers with their knowledge & tips. We were in the fortunate position to design a gorgeous dusk dinner by the water that brought together all of their floral elements - & seriously, what is a dusk dinner without floral chandeliers? The bar has been set.

This was our first opportunity to put together swag bags & MAN, was it fun! Our graphic designer, Kelsey, put together some really amazing notebooks for the attendees to take notes in & a floral inspired quote to take home to the freshly inspired work areas.

Katelyn James was there to capture everything from the floral wall to the attendees' headshots to the tabletop details, & we can't help but share them with you. It was seriously such a thrill to work with such a widely renowned group of floral designers & meet so many new faces with SUCH talent for floral design. Take a peek!