A Styling Workshop


Back in September, we said yes to being a part of a mini-styling workshop put on by the Richmond chapter of The Rising Tide Society's Tuesday Together gatherings, & it was such a fun day. We knew it would be just based on the incredible creatives that come to these gatherings, but we definitely didn't know what to expect from ourselves in terms of sharing about styling. We've prioritized investing in our education in the art of styling, as it is truly one of our favorite bullet points in our job description. Developing our styling skills has been both the most incredible learning experience & the most surprising business niche that we've encountered since launching Tart. 

It was an honor to be able to share some of what we've learned with the attendees that came to the workshop, which was designed to provide attendees to work with three different stylists to improve their styling skills for all different things - Flats that represent their brand, Instagram pictures, etc.  Using a few of our favorite things (aka inspirational styling pieces that we keep handy both around our homes & in our event kit) as examples, we had a great discussion with the creatives that attended. We so enjoyed meeting everyone & answering some great questions that we'd never had the opportunity to put into words before.

Since the word "styling" often goes unexplained, we focused on Joy Thigpen's quote from her Styling 101 course as we discussed the principles & tangible guidelines we try to follow while styling for clients & social media alike:

"Styling is the act of gathering objects & arranging them deliberately."

So simple, but so true! From texture to perceived beauty and color palettes to visual focus points, there is so much that goes into styling just even one image... & believe us when we say that we are far from perfection & eager to continue learning. However, we've found that starting with one image has been a huge learning tool as we finesse our event styling & editorial projects. Styling is certainly an art that we are overjoyed to see flourishing as part of what our company offers. 

A huge thanks to Handspun Cinema & Annamarie Akins Photography for coordinating such a great day!

(PS. We're continually developing & refining our styling skills - If you have any favorite reads or courses, please feel free to share in the comments!)