The Tart Blog


Hello, friends, & welcome to our brand spankin' new blog! 

We’ve been happily crossing items off the Start the Event Company of Our Dreams checklist for the past 6 months or so, and it’s with serious excitement that we add the launch of our blog to the to-done list.

Story-telling is a huge part of what we do, and we are constantly amazed at the histories that our clients bring to us. Comedies and dramas, fairy-tales and adventures - We work constantly to convey the background stories that brought our clients to their event, whether it’s a wedding or baby shower, book signing or gallery opening. We’re seriously excited to use this blog as a place to share more details of the journey to their big day.

In addition to story-telling, our hope is that our weekly updates help you get to know us as we showcase our recent shoots, weddings & events, and share everything from behind-the-scenes peeks to DIYs to inspiring images from our friends in the wedding and event industry. We take The Tart Blog seriously, and will be posting here regularly, so stick around!


The Girls from Tart

photo by: Katie Stoops Photography