The Tart Introduction Box


We knew we wanted to integrate an introduction box into our launch while working with Megan Ely of OFD Consulting to strategize how to spread the word that Tart was officially in business. While we were very, very blessed to be a part of an amazing community of vendors even before we had officially announced our company's name, we had (well, have) a 2 mile long list of vendors that we greatly esteem & would love to work with. An introduction box seemed like the most natural way to display our brand while also extending a metaphorical hand to say, "Hullo!"

We set to work with Kelsey I., our graphic designer, & she guided our many ideas to a practical place, all the while creating hand-crafted (& many hand-painted) pieces & custom design elements. We wanted our recipients to open up a box to find a relaxing guide through an afternoon break - One that happened to involve a delicious treat, a cuppa tea & some casual reading about that new company, Tart Event Co. 

Custom designed labels were the perfect touch to set these little guys apart from your every day delivery from the UPS guy.

The boxes were also the maiden voyage of our hashtag, which we still use for our event day photos on Instagram & Twitter.

^ Our attention-getter showcasing the "grapefruit" yellowish - green color from our brand design. You'd be amazed at how impossible it was to find a white shipping box with a "yogurt" peach-ish colored interior (le duh), so we hand painted each box! #worthit

We used our brand colors throughout the box, which helped us tie in the look & feel of our website. A creative challenge, but also the most fun sort of puzzle, in our opinion.

Kelsey I. painted the art print that helped round out the box, leaving our friendors with a pretty print for their bulletin board that harkened back to Tart without our logo all over it, & a handwritten note to them on the back.

Candy Valley Cake Co. made all of our pastry dreams come true with these Tart Pops. It was the actual, real-life comedian husband of Keya, genius baker + owner, who first mentioned Tart Pops to us, being a play on Pop-Tarts. We really wish there had been a camera on us at the exact moment that we realized mini Pop-Tarts on a stick = Tart Pops. There was definitely a high five involved.


It was very important to us that, aside from the cute stuff, there was also an element that told the story of who we are & what we do. The intro card also served as a little somethin' to read while savoring that Tart Pop.

We added the tea to our box to bring home the afternoon break theme. Turns out, finding a tea that is both delicious & pretty is no simple task, but in the end, we found the perfect flavor, wrapped in Kelsey I.'s custom paper covers.

Seeing photos of the intro box pop up on Instagram was so much fun, & the perfect start to our hashtag!

We really enjoyed creating & crafting this introduction box, with the help & wisdom of Kelsey I. We'll be honest - This was a significant portion of our launch budget, & definitely took a lot of time & patience to put together, not to mention that this was only Phase One of our long mailing list. But! It was absolutely worth it, & something we would highly recommend whether you are a new business, a newly rebranded business, or just hoping to reach out to some vendors that you admire & would like to work with. Our #1 piece of advice? Put thought into every piece, & make sure they each speak to your brand. The first impression of your introduction box begins the moment it arrives on their doorstep, so take your time, infuse your brand & elevate your business. Oh, & have fun!

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