A Wedding Collective Giveaway


"At the beginning of every wedding ceremony rehearsal, we gather everyone around, introduce ourselves and tell the group that from henceforth, every question they have about the weekend and its festivities should be directed to us. Our job on the wedding weekend is to ensure that the bride & groom are having a blast and making stress-free, magical memories with the ones they love the most. All the many meetings & emails asking 4,519 questions come together when we have all the answers on our clipboards and our couple is on the dance floor, enjoying wedded bliss."

The vendors from A Wedding Collective Giveaway (hosted by Katelyn James Photography & Big Springs Farm) are all sharing a little piece of our chapters in Laura & Alex's big story, & ours is up today on the Wedding Collective Giveaway blog! Click on over to read more about our wedding process & to learn more about this sweet couple & their Big Day... It's THIS SUNDAY, guys! Ah!